About Me

Photo of Me - LuxorI am a Development Systems Senior Coordinator at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation and a lifelong learner earning my second master’s degree at University of Colorado, Denver.

My current professional interests include web and game development, playful instructional design, nonprofit systems and program evaluation, and social enterprise.

My academic interests include language and linguistics, Elizabethan and Medieval literature, and Islamic Philosophy.

My creative interests include writing, drawing, crafts and digital media. Like anyone with a digital camera, I also enjoy amateur photography, especially in photographing plants and insects…and ancient ruins when I can get to them. The featured image I shot above of that amethyst beauty is a great example of the type of moment I love to memorex!

Recreationally, I love hanging with my family, watching Korean dramas, reading, and hiking Colorado. And travelling the world – though I *tragically* hardly ever get the opportunity!

Along with my mother tongue, I am also literate in Arabic, French and Spanish, and semi-literate in many other languages since I like to dabble in them for fun!


My eLearning Philosophy

Simple: Student-centered, learner-empowered, relevant and engaging activities. This means listening to learners, walking alongside them as a partner who also has much to learn, helping them to see the design and the beauty of learning within their own unique perspectives, guiding learners to live what they are learning as much as possible, keeping it as fun and light as we can, and fostering a lifelong love of learning!

I detest the way that traditional education can turn the focus from the intrinsic motivation of learning and growing to the extrinsic motivation of grades and test scores. I detest the approach of a teacher who is a judgmental overlord spouting “facts” rather than acting as a supporter and humble guide of individual, autonomous, meaningful and ever-evolving discovery. I recognize that online learning is challenging even the most basic design of educational spaces and materials, and it is my goal to dive into that growing wave of change and do what I can to help make knowledge as open, democratic and delicious as possible.

When designing educational materials, I recognize and incorporate learner needs assessment, Blooms-based learning objectives and activities, Constructivist and Connectivist pedagogy, and other jargony tactics, but my core value within it all is to appreciate that I can’t anticipate the needs and experiences of every student, nor should I dictate my own biases and “truths” upon them – instead, my job is to offer up information and empower learners to make it their own. To this end, I try to share my passion about the topic and make it a fun experience, try to show others that they can control their own learning and construct their own paths, and I strive to always err on the side of providing more rather than less in recognition that many students are much more capable of pushing their boundaries and adapting to a challenge than we often estimate.

If you agree – let’s talk about it. My contact info is below!


View my resume here.


Email: lewis648t@gmail.com
Or use my social links below in the footer!


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