In response to the ds106 Video Assignment “Six Second Art” I created a simple little picture. Onto the blank paper and a little water, drizzle in the color of the forest. And, lo, a fox appears. Or a wolf. Or maybe a “folf” fox-wolf hybrid. Bred for its skills in magic.

Inspired by the assignment prompt of a cool piece of art unfolding in a very short time, I got the idea for this from a clip I used at about 0:11 in my video “Stop With the Hands Thing.” I love how it is not only the final picture, but the process of its creation which is artful and delightful to watch, and also how the ink itself has some freedom to shape the final product and make it its own. The live process tells a little story; gradually spreading and adding detail, some nice character development, eventually leading to the climactic epiphany of what it is all about. For this I used watercolor paper, painted the rough shape of my little animal with water, then dropped the “ink” on. Which was actually food coloring usually reserved for buttercream frosting. Once he dried off, I hung this little guy on the fridge in my kitchen.


6-Second Art

In order to share the moment of creation with you all in about six seconds, I filmed it on my tablet, then used my beloved video editing program, Vegas Pro, to speed up the playback times 3, trim the length a bit, and cut out the audio of me grumbling about how my experiment was a failure, then a nanosecond later arguing with myself and brightly chirping, “Actually, its working!”  Hope you enjoy!


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